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Winners from the Propelling Grant 2023 Announced: Cryoprobe

We are thrilled to announce another winner of the Propelling Grant – Congrats to the innovators from Cryoprobe Richard Warburton, Andreas Kuhlmann & Sascha Martin from the Department of Physics, University of Basel!

Cryoprobe convinced the selection committee with their outstanding innovation designed for rapid and precise testing of solid-state quantum hardware, particularly semiconductor-based qubits, at very low temperatures. To break down complexities, we asked them to answer us a few questions. Read their replies in the following interview!

Richard Warburton, Andreas Kuhlmann, Sascha Martin

© Photo: Miguel J. Carballido

Can you describe what are the challenges Cryoprobe wants to tackle?

Success in quantum hardware depends on a close interplay between device design, fabrication, and characterization. Operating quantum devices at very low temperatures is essential yet adds complexity, requiring efficient testing at low temperatures to drive progress. We facilitate the advancement of quantum hardware through rapid and precise testing of devices at low temperatures. This is made possible through a specialized cryogenic probe station designed to meet the unique demands of quantum hardware.

How is the Propelling Grant helping you to accelerate your innovation along your entrepreneurial journey?

The Propelling Grant plays a key role in transforming our idea into a viable startup. Financial support is crucial for initiating the venture, and the guidance provided by the innovation office is essential in establishing a successful business. The comprehensive package also includes mentoring workshops and investor meetings–elements we consider pivotal for achieving success in our startup journey.

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