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Winners from the Propelling Grant 2023 Announced: Quamplify

In this series, we would like to introduce the winner projects of the Propelling Grant 2023 Fall edition: Quamplify convinced the jury with their groundbreaking work in developing next-generation ultra-low noise radio frequency amplifiers for cryogenic applications!

A couple of days back, we sat down with the innovators behind Quamplify–Miguel J. Carballido, Rafael S. Eggli, Taras Patlatiuk from the Department of Physics, University of Basel– and asked them about their innovation and how the Propelling Grant supports them to achieve their next goals! Here are their answers & insights!

The Propelling Grant Winners

Miguel J. Carballido, Rafael S. Eggli, Taras Patlatiuk

© Yiqi Zhao

Can you describe what are the challenges Quamplify wants to solve?

At Quamplify, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of electronic device technology, with a focus on miniaturization and performance. Our innovative approach, utilizing high-performance perovskite materials, promises advancements in quantum computers, radio astronomy, and medical sensors.

How is the Propelling Grant helping you to accelerate your innovation along your entrepreneurial journey?

The Propelling Grant is a unique combination of financial support for the development of our first prototype while simultaneously providing access to key resources for the development of our business, including legal and IP expertise. We are thrilled to start working with the Innovation Office, particularly on defining our IP strategy. Furthermore, we are looking forwards to broadening our network and learn from experts in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship to propelling Quamplify to the next stage.

Are you interested in the Propelling Grant? – then, have a look below!

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