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Testimonials from Korea #2: Illimis Therapeutics

Updated: Feb 21

In this series, we would like to showcase five startups, that have been selected for the third rendition of the Seoul-Basel Startup Hub Acceleration Program in November 2023.

During the program, we had the pleasure of interviewing Ahyoung Shin and Jungwhan Kim, representing Illimis Therapeutics, a Seoul-based startup responding to the needs in current neurodegenerative and immune disease therapeutics market with a novel chimeric fusion protein platform (GAIA) to inhibit neuro-inflammation.

Q: The Seoul-Basel Programs exposes Korean startups to the local Basel ecosystem. When you reflect upon your learnings, what lessons / impressions do you take home to Korea?

AS: "I found the diverse networking opportunities with various individuals and companies incredibly valuable, greatly enhancing our company's business development and investment activities. Through these interactions, I realized the significance of forging meaningful relationships with relevant contacts to acquire essential information. Additionally, I gained insights into the importance of tailoring pitches to different contexts, a skill I intend to leverage when engaging with international counterparts in the future."

What’s your next step / activity in Basel?

AS: "I would like to continue the conversation with the interested companies and professors to find partnership and collaboration opportunities, not just in Basel but in Switzerland in general. Also, I would like to continue conversations with our instructors (Valentin, Simon, and Thomas) to consult with different matters because I am sure that they will provide a lot of helpful information and resources."

What is one element of the program that you really appreciated?

Networking with various people was really appreciated. As mentioned above, we are hoping to continue conversations with some of the companies and professors we met in Basel. Interaction with the Innovation Office was also a very helpfuk¨ and I would like to keep a close relationship with Hailey and other members to bring the best opportunities from Switzerland to the company.


Do you want to learn more about our Korea Program? Please get in touch with the Program Manager in charge, Hailey Kim.


About this series

In November 2023, the Korea-Basel Startup Hub Acceleration Program entered into its third rendition, welcoming five startups from Korea in the fields of oncology and immunology. During intense two weeks with workshops, industry-academia talks, networks and more, our participants were able to gain invaluable insights, forge meaningful connections, and acquire practical skills that will propel their enterprise in the future.


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