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InnoSuisse Innovation Flagship

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Find solutions to current or future challenges

What is the Flagship Initiative?

The purpose of the flagship initiative is to stimulate innovation in areas relevant to a large part of the economy or society and to promote transdisciplinary project collaboration. The Initiative strives for solutions to current or future challenges, which concern several actors and/or can only be solved through collaborative work. Innosuisse is therefore defining specific but broad flagship topics in order to encourage applicants to address issues that are of particular interest for the future well-being of the country, and where new solutions and business models are required. This new funding instrument is complementary to the purely bottom-up oriented and well-established regular innovation projects.

Systemic innovation, where value can only be derived if it is synergistically integrated with other complementary innovations, and transdisciplinarity, where actors from different disciplines collaborate, are key components of this new funding instrument.

The overall objective is to strengthen the competitiveness of the Swiss economy and/or contribute to the well-being of society by creating new value along the value chain by increasing efficiencies, reducing costs or re-solving social relevant challenges in the public interest.

For more information on how to apply, visit the following website:

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