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A few questions with… Dr. Samuel Fuhrimann

Christoph Mani
Samuel Fuhrimann, outside the Innovation Office in the BaseLink Areal | Photo credits: © David Walter

How would you describe your professional focus? I’m an exposure scientist and epidemiologist by training & working over the past 10 years in different low and middle income countries, on the topic of agricultural health.


Which public health challenge are you addressing with your research at the Swiss TPH? At the heart of my research is the health and well-being of the farmer and their families. Many farmers grow up and stay on the very same farm later in their working lives. This offers the opportunity to conduct research on risks, but also benefits towards health and well-being for these farmers.


If you look 50 years into the future, what change in the world would you like to see? My ultimate goal is to improve the health and well-being of farmers. I would like to see a more sustainable food production system, taking into account innovative and economically viable organic farming practices, so that they are offering a sustainable livelihood for farmers while also ensuring their health at the same time.

Curious to learn more?

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