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‘Swiss Pandemic & AMR - Health Economy Awareness Detect’ Innosuisse Flagship project

#AMR #stewardship

SPEARHEAD  is a consortium of 8 public and 4 private Swiss institutions, who joined forces to address the silent pandemic of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) by launching the (SPEARHEAD) partnership. SPEARHEAD is tackling the antimicrobial resistance silent pandemic with a unique multi-disciplinary research-based digital solution & patient-centric approach, addressing stewardship and prevention.


The project has five main goals:

  1. real-time data flow to and from decision-makers

  2. better use of big data for risk stratification

  3. timely diagnostics that can leapfrog a centralized laboratory infrastructure

  4. better and broader citizen and community engagement as well as

  5. early attention to the financial implications of the proposed innovations.

These goals will be used to mitigate the expected economic and societal impacts of AMR. 


We welcome new partners! If you are interested or want to learn more, get in touch with us at: or

More info on SPEARHEAD at

We look forward to supporting you to have an even greater impact on the challenge of AMR.

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Click on one of us to open our LinkedIn

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Angelie Pham.png

Angélie Pham

PharmD, MBA, Program Lead

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Marica Hug.png

Marica Hug

Project Manager

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Alessandro Mazzetti

PhD, Team Lead

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