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New call for the "Propelling Grant" open!

Are you an affiliate of the University of Basel and do you have a science-based start-up idea in need of support to achieve groundbreaking success?

Apply for the Propelling Grant and join the cohort of previous successful scientists & entrepreneurs.

The Propelling Grant consists of:

  1. a financial instrument from the University of Basel, as non-dilutive funding, amounting up to 50k CHF for a time period of maximum 6 months;

  2. skill building & support (by the Innovation Office), as entrepreneurship courses (in partnership with Innosuisse), a mentoring network (incl. “Entrepreneurs in Residence”), internationalization support, and a worldwide network of academic and industry partners.

What are the terms and conditions of the Propelling Grant?

  • The fund will provide up to 50k CHF for a period of time up to 6 months, as non-dilutive funding. The funding can be used for: salaries, consumables, equipment, external services, etc.

  • Awardees are required to deliver, in the form of a report (template will be provided) at project end:

    • the results of the scientific/technical validation;

    • an improved version of the strategy for the next steps (including but not limited to: business plan, market roadmap, next funding, etc.

📌 Apply by 01 March 2022!

More information and application at the link below:


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