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H-HEALTH kick-off workshop

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

We are glad to announce that on February 4th 2022, H-HEALTH is bringing its community together for the first “H-HEALTH kick-off workshop”. Our goal is to address the connection between healthy soils, - plants, - food, - humans and – environment and to further shape the #HHEALTH platform, to enable transdisciplinary collaborations and creation of innovative and regenerative ideas. Together we will dive into the diverse connections of health, agriculture and food with the purpose for the community to start working on concrete projects, together.

Below, the agenda for the event:

We encourage any interested and motivated innovator to become part of our community of academic researchers, industry pioneers, start-ups and passionate individuals and start working on innovative ideas and a regenerative future, together.

To know more, visit our website here:


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