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From Soil to Fork & Beyond

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

The future of our food system: A series of public events by the Innovation Office

Deep-Dive Workshops – Healthier Agriculture & SoilScore

Together with the BaseLink Community, the H-HEALTH project has initiated a series of public events starting in September 2022, to discover new knowledge and encourage the community exchange. The seven events have taken us through the production process of food, from soil to field to table and then beyond.

With topics spanning from soil to planetary health, the series was looking at the impact of our food production on human and environmental health, showcasing how these topics are related and addressing bigger societal challenges. We were able to highlight excellent projects and ideas happening in the region of Basel in circular economy, nutrition and health, agriculture, food security, and climate change - applauding organizations, individuals and initiatives that are reinventing the current agrifood system and are striving for a positive impact on our planet with their work.

From Soil to Fork & Beyond - The future of our food system: A series of public events by the Innovation Office
Photo credits: © David Walter

With a flexible format, we want to continue offering the stage to the experts in specific fields and shine a light on their engagement while bringing together the community that is already making a difference. The goal is to inspire interdisciplinary collaborations by fostering continuous knowledge exchange across the entire food value chain.

Contact us if you are a start-up, project lead or organization that is making a difference and is interested to be part of an event. We are happy to facilitate the active discussion between the audience and the presenters, as well as enable a casual exchange by organizing an apéro.

Reach us best via e-mail:

More information about upcoming or already planned events can be found on our Eventpage.

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