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FEMfinance: Investing in myself

Being in control of your finances is key to your success, be it as an entrepreneur, self-employed, or employee.

In our #FEMfinance program lead by industry experts from well-recognized banks, you will get the tools to take your finances into your own hands.

We start by assessing the status-quo of your finances and the psychological aspects of money, then we’ll look at investing and how to improve your financial confidence. In the third session, you’ll learn about how to manage your finances as an entrepreneur and lastly, we’ll unite all perspectives and experiences on a panel and networking Apéro.

We’ll be answering questions like why is investing important and how to invest, how to set financial goals and reach them, what changes as an entrepreneur and how can we secure wealth in the long run.

Connect with like-minded goal-getters, exchange experiences, and learn the 101 of financial planning and securing your wealth.

Spaces are limited.

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