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A few questions with… Prof. Dr. Alexandre Jousset

Christoph Mani
Alexandre Jousset, outside the Innovation Office in the BaseLink Areal | Photo credits: © David Walter

How would you describe your professional focus? Bringing microbiome science out of the academic bubble and into the real world. That's why we founded Blomitec to drive the microbiome revolution.


What social challenges are you addressing with Blomitec? To feed the growing population by 2050, we need to produce more food with less water, fertilizer and pesticides. We aim to achieve sustainable and resilient yields by harnessing the beneficial plant microbiome.


If you look 50 years into the future, what change in the world would you like to see? Peace, free beer, and ... no, just kidding. I really hope we will have an agricultural system in place that can both be highly productive and highly sustainable - so we won't have to choose between the two.

Curious to learn more?

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