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A few questions with… Michèle Hürner

Christoph Mani
Michèle Hürner in the Innovation Office at the University of Basel | Photo credits: © David Walter

What are your professional activities?

I studied Economics at the University of Basel and I am now already 10 years working at Bio-Suisse, the Association for Organic Farmers in Switzerland. At Bio-Suisse, I am responsible for direct farm sales.


If you think about the role of innovation in direct sales and short supply chains, where do you see the biggest opportunity?

I actually see two big opportunities to innovate our current system in direct markets. One is to have more community-supported agriculture (CSA’s). The other one is to use more online platforms and tools for sales and to connect consumers and producers.


If you look 15 years into the future, what is your vision? How do you see the consumption of local and organic food develop?

We will buy much more local food than we do now, or maybe "glocal," which is inspired by globality, but sourced locally. Everyone will be responsible for their own local food system and we will as a society take this responsibility. That's for sure. Of course, I hope that this future food system will be much more sustainable. This is what Bio-Suisse stands for.

Curious to learn more?

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