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A few questions with… Eliane Kern

Christoph Mani
Eliane Kern in the Innovation Office at the University of Basel | Photo credits: © David Walter

Can you share with us a few words about the activity at “Feld zu Tisch”? “Feld zu Tisch” is an Organization, providing tools for the direct B2B trade of food in the region of Basel. My main activities at “Feld zu Tisch” are in communication and planning events, although I am now also slowly getting more and more involved with the project management.


What are the main social challenges that you are addressing with your work?

How do the fresh products come from the field to the table? Why are not more local food products from Basel available in restaurants, day-care-centers or system caterings? One of the main challenges in the trading of food is the logistics. This is mainly counting for smaller companies, farms and operations. For wholesales and the retail-market this might be different, but for small-scale farms, the logistics is a challenge. Not only here in our region, but in many. We decided to address this question with the Project “Feld zu Tisch”.


If you look 50 years into the future, how do you think your consumer behavior will change? What’s your vision and wish? Within the food system in Basel, but also within the food system in general, I wish that the tools that we are providing, will operate smoothly. That there are intelligent/ smart solutions to the problems that we are facing today, so that there is plenty of room for innovation and relations. It’s about implementing the tools, the doing, but also about the connections, to build up the relations that make space for creativity so that innovative ideas are possible and can be implemented. Like that, we can also face challenges like the climate crisis or new product developments/ farming methods and more.

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