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The University of Basel, founded in 1460, with its tradition in humanism and medicine, is our home. Under the leadership of President Andrea Schenker-Wicki, the University of Basel started its Innovation Initiative in 2017, with the goal to establish the University as a global leader in supporting entrepreneurship and translating its research into impact on society.

Launching the Pupella with its special mission is the next stage in this unique success story.

Linking us to the public translational mandate of the University of Basel, our activities and projects are guided by an unwavering belief in startups. Because in order to change the world for the better, we need to empower entrepreneurs on their daunting journey.

Pupella is firmly at home in Basel/Switzerland, at the crossroads of European nations, in one of the world’s most exciting and welcoming life science ecosystems. Spreading our wings, we are globally connected, with friends in India, Africa, Korea, the United States and in many European countries.



“Our origin at the University of Basel anchors us in an environment of scientific excellence and transdisciplinarity”

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