Microbials for Soil, Plants, Humans,

and Environment Resilience Enhancement

Human activities and population growth have a tremendous impact on the ecosystem of our planet. The societal challenges of climate change are impacting agriculture and animal husbandry and at the same time we are seeking ways to increase crop yields to feed “the next billion”.

Soil erosion, extreme phenomena, heat waves all affect our capability to produce the food that sustains humanity and at the same time the extension of cultivated and inhabited areas create the conditions for new disease outbreaks to occur.

How to increase the food production without then endangering the stability of our ecosystem, and possibly limiting the usage of potentially dangerous chemicals, in conditions which become more and more challenging for us?

The M-SPHERE project aims to exploit the power of bacteria and their interaction with soils and plant roots to potentially achieve multiple beneficial results:

What if we could use microbes to make our plants more resilient to climate effects such as heat, drought or to parasites?

What if we could use microbes to make our plants more nutritious, or yield more?

What if we could use the interaction of bacteria in soil and plants to discover new pharmaceuticals, such as new antibiotics or immunoregulators?

Under the motto “Healthy plants for healthy food for healthy people” the M-SPHERE platform aims at unleashing the potential of (good) bacteria in soils at around plant roots to tackle societal challenges in food production, environmental protection, and people’s health.

The project brings together academic and industry expertise to turn groundbreaking discovery into products, potentially benefitting the whole humanity.

The first core of the project brings together the University of Basel Innovation Office, the research expertise from Prof. and entrepreneur Alexander Jousset and Syngenta AG.

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Dr. Alessandro Mazzetti, PhD

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Dr. Claudio Screpanti

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Dr. Prof. Alex Jousset

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